Special Events

Conferences, Festivals, Gala’s, Pop-Ups - We do it all!

Zero Waste Co provides Resources Recovery and Recycling Services to minimize the environmental impact of any celebration, conference, festival, trade show, or special event. We consult with our client during the planning phase of the project to help minimize waste by customizing a comprehensive plan that will help you meet your sustainability goals. 

During the event, our Zero Waste Crew is onsite to facilitate the materials recovery process, ensuring as much material as possible is recycled, composted and donated. 

On average, we help our clients divert about 80% of their waste from the landfill.


Hosting a party?

Renting service ware from a traditional party rental company can be too expensive for small gatherings like an employee milestone, in store-pop up or birthday celebration. Our simple and elegant alternatives to single-use plastics will transform your gathering into a waste-free, eco-friendly and picturesque celebration. 

Here's how it works:

We drop off all items in clear plastic bins. 

You put the items back in the bin after use and we pick them up right after your event or the following morning.

No rinsing necessary.        

No delivery fees.

A flat rate gets you a plastic-free party package delivered straight to your door. We guarantee our dinnerware selection is more affordable than any local party rental company. Please contact us to obtain a brochure. 

Greater Los Angeles area only! Not in LA? Just ask we might be able to work it out.

Parties and Small Gatherings

Need some extra help?

We understand all the work involved in throwing a party. Please consider hiring a member of our staff to help so that you, the host can enjoy the company of your guests without having all the pressures of the evening. Let @zerowasteco do the dirty work for you! Not in the Greater Los Angeles area? just ask

Commercial Projects

The TRUE Zero Waste Certification System

TRUE enables facilities to define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint and supporting public health. It is a whole systems approach aimed at changing how materials flow through society, resulting in no waste. TRUE encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. TRUE promotes processes that consider the entire lifecycle of products used within a facility. The TRUE Zero Waste certification system enables facilities to define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint and supporting public health.

Sofia Ratcovich, Zero Waste Co Founder is a TRUE Advisor who understand the requirements of the rating system, can help projects achieve TRUE certification and is committed to advancing zero waste values and policies. Please contact us for assistance with your next project. 

Solid Waste Assessment & Compliance 

Let us help you stay in compliance with local and state waste diversion mandates

Waste assessment of your supply chain

Waste audits

Facilities management and custodial training (In English & Spanish)

Construction Waste Diversion and reporting