There are so many BETTER Alternatives to single-use plastic

Every year, about 300 billion pounds of plastics are produced around the world, and only a small fraction gets recycled.

A large portion of this plastic waste ends up in landfills, but some finds its way into the streets as litter which then travels down the storm drain and to the oceans where it then enters the food chain.





Some simple things you can do:
Encourage change through your decisions and do no accept the current paradigm of use and waste.
Take your own reusable food containers, coffee mugs, napkins and utensils when you dine out or travel.
Take part in local stream, river and beach cleanups or just get out there and pick up trash off your local beach with Surfrider or by yourself.  



Just think about it
More than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in the United States every day.                            
***does not include straws that are attached to juice boxes and milk cartons.
Make more informed choices.