Zero Waste Life Hacks - S.1 Ep.5 - The Straw

Sofia and Michelle talk STRAWS with Buzzfeed content curator Auri Jackson. From how we began using the straw to how many get used a day, this uplifting discussed will help any listener with simple tips on how to “stop sucking”.

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Zero Waste Life Hacks - S.1 Ep.4 - The Cup - Our Relationship With Drinking

A very informative discussion with Plastic Pollution Coalition founder Dianna Cohen. Three California girls talk about how walking and swimming the local beaches have inspired them to take action on a big problem. In this episode’s topic of “THE CUP” Sofia and Michelle are joined by special guest Dianna Cohen ( Plastic Pollution Coalition ) and discuss hacks and facts around our relationship with cups as well as how plastic pollution effects lower income communities, petroleum, ethylene, fracking,  plasticize, biphenyls, phthalates, impacts on human health, compressed polystyrene, neurotoxins, brand audit data, polymer chain, how using a  non plastic reusable cup is better for health and may save you money, and what's in Dianna's bag.  Hey, Get that china or fancy set out and use it. 

PS we recycle less than 9% of our trash and that percentage is dropping.  We hope this episode helps your to rethink your relationship with your cups.