Episode Two - What does the Recycling Symbol mean

We shared alot of info on this episode. Thank you to our Special Guest Jessica Aldridge @AdventuresInWaste 

Basically: That little triangle symbol you see on a piece of plastic with a number inside - it does not mean that item can be recycled. It simply describes the type of plastic that it is. 


So Episode Two is about further exploring the idea of conscious consumerism and the act of closely examining the thought process that occurs when making a purchase and ultimately evaluating the options for disposal of any given item. It is so easy to buy all sorts of stuff and equally as easy to dispose of it all because in general we have been raised to believe that when you are done with something you just "throw it away".  

But where is away?

Really.Away can mean the landfill, the incinerator, the ocean or even someones backyard a few continents away.

 The stuff we throw away doesn't magically disappear, it stays right here on Earth in some shape or another. Look around wherever it is you find yourself right now and just observe how much stuff there is - everywhere! Alot of it is made out of plastic. Go to any store and just stand there and stare in awe of all the amazing things that have been imagined, designed manufactured and made available to us. Plastic just amazes me - it is straight up alchemy in its most physical manifestation. 

I will now take a moment to once again recommend that you read: The Lorax


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